Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Where I'm at Now

So now I've had baby # 3 and oh boy did my body LOVE that. I was good on keeping my weight at an even 1/2lb a week until Week 30 then BOOM. A pound or 2 a week revved up and I was around 212 by the end of 43 weeks. The largest I've ever been! I suppose the allure of knowing this was probably my last child gave me the excuse to consume all the things.

So now after a lot of hooping, my new years resolution of a dairy-free diet (lasted 3 months), and breast feeding, I'm down to 187. I'm feeling the point arise that now  it'll be diet that pushes me off this plateau but I'm feeling very conflicted about it. A few weeks ago I was mostly drinking BTT and ate 1kcal without realizing it and was light headed. This isn't something I want to test the boundaries on. My milk decreased and that's not something I can risk. My child is also on the "lean" side - so we're already starting to give him 3-4 baby meals a day instead of 1-2.  He is actually quite a chunker but he is long and tall, already walking!

I'm not ready to stop breastfeeding, he is barely 11 months- but I also don't want to have to wait for breastfeeding to end to get results. I'm not a fan of slow weight loss! Boo boo boo. I suppose I'll just sneak in more workouts and hydrate until I can finally resume ASAP! I'll let you all know when I am going to get back on the 90 for Life train. Actually I am already - BTT & OsteoFX everyday!

Friday, September 27, 2013

My Fitness Pal

I have been addicted to MFP! I am on it everyday, tracking every calorie and sticking to 1200cals/day with a once a week 1500/cal day to keep me satiated.

I love it! I am at 154 and very happy with it but of course it is not my goal weight so I am still sticking to the calorie restriction. However I know I have to pick it up in the exercise department to get any smaller so I signed up to be a Zumba instructor. I do already hoop almost everyday for 45 minutes but 300 cals of exercise isn't going to help me drop to the athletic weight of 140. I need to be athletic to get there, either through dance or running and my ankles can't take any more impact!

Well just a quick update! I am going to make a "goal" blog that outlines my goals and their deadlines over on dancehoops.tumblr.com

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Down 10 pounds, Day 14 - Cheat snacks, not cheat DAYS

Results are still coming in!

So I have been researching a lot --- still -- everyday. haha And my conclusions are still shifting about the accuracy of this diet.

On My fitness Pal I am logging EVERYTHING and when I exercise, my daily goal of "700 calories" shifts up to "700 calories + 200 calories of exercise = you can eat 900 calories"

So I am eating more like 900, sometimes 1000 depending on my exercise expenditures.

Some of my motivation for weight loss is that I can do something physically demanding (breakdancing) at the end of this journey. There was a study posted in a VLCD forum on MFP about how loss of lean muscle WILL NOT happen unless your body is already under 10% body fat. However, there will be a slowed metabolism (starvation mode) that slows results if you eat under 1k cals a day, which I am.

One poster on a rather lengthy and heated discussion about 800 cal diet questioned why anorexics can still lose weight on a low calorie diet. If starvation mode does exist then they should not be losing weight. My apple day is evidence of the oppositional stance.

If you really do eat nothing for a day, or very very little (like 5-6 apples), then you will lose water, muscle, everything. I don't know if could be considered a plateau breaker. I did have some energy to move around quite a bit in the afternoon but when I realized I wasn't getting a steak for dinner I suddenly found myself lethargic

Another article stated that no matter what diet you choose (low carb, low fat, etc.) has no bearing on weight loss. Only caloric deficits create a loss. On ASAP I average 700 cals - 200 for my rare breastfeeding session which probably is more like 50 calories but I am overestimating, so that's 500 down. With a TDEE of 2361calories that means I am burning away 1800 of mommy excess fat or YES 1/2 day! So where is the magic in that??? ASAP isn't burning my fat, I AM.

That being said I took this as evidence to snack on some 100 calorie popcorn and portioned out oreos... *sulk* I still stayed under my 700 cal (900 cal) goal on MFP! And in the morning... I found I had finally lost that pound I was teetering on the day before.

So that TDEE is already factoring my exercise which MFP does also, so I have to reconfigure my eating habits now. 2361 - 1k cals = 1.3 k or about about 1/3# a day lost, which is what I am having now (after my 3 days post-plateau).

So if I have a caloric deficit of 1k cals a day I will lose a pound in about 3 days, thats about 2.5 a week or 10# a month. That would mean by Hoopcamp I will be 12.5 smaller, or 148.5 by then. And for halloween I'd be 139! And then thanksgiving I'd be 129! Then I can go back up to 1800 cals.

I know a part of the reason why the diet is as strict and healthy as it is is because it flushes out the toxins in your fat. This has to happen because part of the reason we store fat is to store the toxins. If I kept eating 900 cals of oreos I would lose but my toxic build would eventually hinder my results. Not to mention the bloating would make my inches go up.

So now I am at 155 and I feel great! I do still have a belly that I want smaller though. So I will stick with it since I might as well see! I deserve it! I think I'll retrain my mind to take it one week at a time. So now I am finished with week 2 and its on to the last and final week. Then... it will be week 4, the last and final week, hahaha. I will give myself little cheats because if I don't reward myself sooner than once in a month in a half then I will go insane. I need weekly or biweekly cheats, a bag of 100 cal popcorn, a skinny 120 cal latte. If my results halt for days at a time I will know why. I will keep my sodium levels lower since I think my big plateau before was that I was eating about 3 oz of beef jerky a day! I needed a big water flush. I do need to be drinking more water.

Wow this post is all over the place! In conclusion, yes - I will stick with 700 cal diet, yes - I will be AVOIDING oil, sugar, milk, breads - no, I will not be sticking to the strict ASAP diet as I will allow myself 2 bad snacks a week. This is a lifestyle I can stick with for a longer period than 6 weeks then introduce the milk, breads but not oils. Then introduce oils after I reach my goal of 140! I'm guessing just in time for turkey and gravy, mmm'm.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Down into the half pound days, Day 13, down 9 pounds

I am still using my analog scale and the needle was pointing on the left side of the 156, so I THINK that means a little less but for now I will still log it as 9 pound, not 9.5 pound loss.

I have been maintaining a 700 cal diet and taking in more calories for days that I exercise.

Yesterday I had a bit of a cheat day in regards to food choice. I had a vanilla skinny latte from Starbucks and 100 cal popcorn bag for a snack after a long day out of the house wherein I only ate a handful of veggies/apple for breakfast.

I also walked that am.

I wonder how effective this diet would be if I was eating within the calories BUT I was also not eating the recommended food list. I know the diet is meant to make sure your body has the nutrients it needs without added carbs so your body works off your bodyfat and not your food alone.

I think being 1/3 of the way there and reading things on myfitnesspal is confusing me! Many people say that as long as you subscribe to a specific caloric deficit that results will come. If I can have a skinny latte instead of salad I would! But of course my body will suffer.

I have also been making sure to stay active. I'm walking about 3 days a week with the occasional evening hoop session. After measuring today I was somewhat afraid that I would be stuck in a plateau breaking diet for the remaining 40 days. What if I only lose when I have an apple day??? I don't want to be doing those over and over! I will not! I suppose if I plateau again after tomorrow I will follow the diet to a T and see if that works. Perhaps my method from round 1 was better? No bread, 3 veggies, 3 fruits, 3 proteins?? I certainly felt more full and satisfied!

What's on my plate for today? Coffee breakfast then I'll boil a couple eggs as snacks for later (I loooove hardboiled eggs with a smidge of mustard, salt, pepper!). 

I can't wait to get my ketostix to see if my body is actually in ketosis! I hope they come today!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Plateau Broken! Down to 156, 9 pounds, day 11

The apples did their job of flushing out all the bad stuff. I did drink BTT and water in higher amounts than stated because I wasn't about to dehydrate and have only a water loss!! So hope this is a real fat loss, that would be a relief. I thought that it was 6 apples and a steak and was very disappointed when 5pm came around and I only got to eat another apple. I am not going to eat apples again for a few days!

I have gotten some negative feedback which is surprising. It seems that people do not approve of extreme weight loss measures. If I got my stomach stapled or lipo I wonder if I would get as much concern. I do appreciate hearing it though because it actually strengthens me more in a strange way. I know what the healthy way to lose weight is, but that sh*t takes too long and I waited too long to get this done. My weight roller coaster is rushing down and I'm in disbelief of the effectiveness of this diet once again.

I am in my skinny shorts! They are a "real" size 12. I have been wearing my big size 12s lying to myself, haha. My dream pant size is 7/8. Silly how most people always want to get super skinny. I just want to get my BMI in a normal range and feel like I can lean out, not beef up with exercise. I will, of course, need to exercise a lot with flexibility workouts and toning after this is all done since I will have extra skin and lose some muscle mass.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Plateau Breaker, Day 10 Apple Day

"1. The Steak Day
In this method, dieters are required to drink a lot of liquid as much as they can throughout the day. They can drink coffee, water, or tea anytime they want. However, they are not allowed to eat anything until dinner. For dinner, they are only allowed to eat a big steak together with an apple and a tomato.

2. The Apple Day
This effective plateau breaker was developed by Dr Simeons, the same man who discovered that HCG can be used for weight loss. In this technique, dieters are required to eat six apples only for one day. Aside from that, they also need to lower their liquid consumption to 32 ounces. This method should only be used as a plateau breaker and not recommended to be done regularly.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar or commonly known as ACV is very effective in breaking weight loss plateaus. HCG dieters need to add 2 tablespoons of ACV into their daily diet to experience its benefits. For those who cannot stand the taste of ACV, it is highly recommended for them to take ACV capsules instead.

4. The Fiber Solution
This method is not only effective in breaking weight loss plateaus it also works in treating constipation that normally accompanies the HCG diet. The fiber solution technique requires dieters to take a fiber supplement, such as pure pysllium powder, and drink plenty of liquid throughout the day.

5. Light Physical Activities
Doing simple exercises at a moderate level can help increase the body's metabolism. When the metabolism rate increases, the body becomes more adept at burning stubborn fat. Physical activities such as walking 30 minutes daily, dancing, swimming, or cycling are already sufficient to break the HCG diet plateau."

 Source: http://www.rapidhcg.com/HCG-Diet-Plateau.html

I found this article very helpful at giving more options of small things I can do to keep losing. I don't want to be in a plateau anymore!! I weakened on Saturday because of a discouraging 2 day plateau and indulged in some food at a party (I stuck to 1200 cals). Its no surprise I remained plateaued for the next 3 days as my body decided to run on what I gave it instead of digesting the abnormal fat on my body.

I bought a digital scale and it shows me as being 5 pounds heavier than the analog scale, haha... so not sure which to believe. I'd LIKE to believe the analog but I'll go to my mom's scale for a third opinion. Also the scale I bought gave me 5 different numbers everytime I went on the scale. So that's not promising regarding an accurate measurement.

Day 5 plateau at 160, 5 pounds lost Day 10 total

I'm starting to get discouraged. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to really do any of these plateau breakers to get the scale to drop but I think I do. So today I really will do the 6 apples and a steak. It says "drink only water" but I know I have to have my BTT and I'll switch coffee for some tea since that'll keep me hydrated better.

I feel like a pregnant woman again with how many times I go to the bathroom! Drinking 2 liters a day is INSANE!